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Your Placenta Contains Your Hormones Made For You By You!

“Baby Blues” is a common occurrence. It is estimated that 80% of mothers experience it in the first days and weeks after giving birth.

Ingesting your placenta in capsule form is believed to gradually replace the hormones lost so rapidly after childbirth, and therefore eases drastic mood swings that can occur postpartum. 

Two Different Processing Methods

Non-TCM/Raw Method:

This method involves gently cleaning the placenta and dehydrating it without the heating process. Clients who choose this method report increased energy as one of the benefits along with hormone stabilization. It is widely held that the hormones are more likely to be bio-available when the placenta is processed this way.

Traditional Chinese Method (TCM):

With this method, your placenta is gently steamed, if preferred with ginger and lemon, before dehydrating. This is believed to enhance its warming properties and help your body bring out the placenta’s healing and tonifying properties. This method also kills any bacteria and reduces risk of spoilage.


One method is not necessarily better than the other.

Different families have different preferences and you should select the method that best suits your needs.