What my clients say?

"Sabine was very comforting and encouraging. She was a great support to me. She is very knowledgeable about labor and delivery" – Heather

"Sabine was wonderful and very supportive. I am glad I had her present. I don’t know what I would have done without her" – Theresa

"This was a beautiful birth and having my doula was a calming force to me. I will forever be grateful and would not change a thing." – Catherine

"I liked not having to rely on my husband to be the super coach in something that is not his area of expertise. You helped both of us to have such a positive experience." – Elisa

"Having a cesarean was what I was most afraid of. When they took my wife away into the OR, I felt very sad, panicked and lost. I wasn’t sure what was happening and what I would do. Sabine did an amazing job at calming me down, explaining the steps that were about to happen, and what I should focus on once I am in the OR. I can’t thank her enough for preparing me in this way. It allowed me to really be there for my wife. I didn’t have to deal with my own fears, Sabine took care of that. Thank you so much!" – Anton

"It was wonderful to have Sabine present as a supportive, non-medical person. She provided comfort and wisdom in times of stress and when everyone else around us was chaotically busy. She also provided another perspective postpartum, and her memory of our birth and her presence as a conscientious witness was extremely valuable and gave us confidence and validation of our birth experience." – Bonnie

Sabine took beautiful pictures of us and our son right after the birth, which we would not have been able to do by ourselves in such a hectic and emotionally charged moment” – Sarah

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