Whole Birth® Yoga & Support

Yoga is an ideal exercise for all stages of the childbearing year. Whole Birth Prenatal Yoga poses are taught with an emphasis on mindfulness for increasing breath and body awareness, learning pain management, prenatal bonding, deep relaxation and working with one's edge. The mindful strengthening, stretching and balancing practices bring more grace and ease to the body at a time of rapid and unpredictable changes. Whole Birth Yoga offers women a way to help relieve many of the common discomforts experienced during pregnancy. Low back and sciatic pain, insomnia, and swelling have responded well to regular practice.

Yoga is also an excellent way to prepare for birth. Since we can’t think our way through labor, prenatal yoga is a perfect way to drop beneath the thinking mind and into the “body-mind” – the innate cellular intelligence that brings our babies into the world. Through the practice of yoga we awaken the body-mind and become familiar with its intuitive language. Whole Birth Yoga teaches us to listen deeply to and trust in our body's innate birthing wisdom.

Whole Birth® Support

In the Whole Birth Yoga class, ample time is set aside for the sharing of what's joyful and what's difficult about being pregnant. Topics of importance to mothers-to-be are explored in a non-judgmental and caring atmosphere. Discussions are rich, genuine and informative. Many women find these supportive discussions to be invaluable for the information, shared resources and the sense of community and friendship they provide.

How is Whole Birth® Yoga different from other prenatal yoga classes?

The Whole Birth Yoga and Support classes bring together elements of a traditional yoga class; stretching, strengthening, balancing, meditation and deep relaxation with informative and supportive group discussions.

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